28 January 2016

Hope it's Spring soon!

I'm trying these out as prints for my shop on Spoonflower - what do you think?

19 January 2016

Little Geometric Bird

 I set myself a range to work on today and came up with a soft geometric with a little bird. I spend a lot of time designing placements lately so it's great to get back to some allovers.

14 January 2016


I'm trying to feel the summer warmth, whilst playing with some tropical(ish) floral ideas. Wearing five layers of clothing and fingerless mittens to stay warm is definitely the way to go...brrrr!!

12 January 2016

Bear on a Trip

This little bear has gone for a wander in a cloudy, tropical garden, trying to work it all out. I'm listening to non-stop Bowie for inspiration and catharsis; probably trying to do the same. I can't believe how sad I am. Freak out, far out!