06 December 2016

I've entered these bunnies into the snowy day Spoonflower challenge. What do you think!? Vote if you likey!

29 September 2016

Floating Crocodiles!

I'm so chuffed to have six exclusive new artworks featured on the Menudos Cuadros website! Please go here to see more : http://menudoscuadros.com/es/35_michele-payne

22 August 2016


Just because it's been a while and I feel like grooving today! How about you? Hope you're having a good one too...

04 July 2016

Victor Vicuna...

...he loves to play and dance!

23 May 2016

The Hierophant

This is my version of The Hierophant tarot card for my Make Art that Sells Bootcamp assignment for this month. I went back to lino-cutting for the first time in ages which was fab, though I wish I'd had more time to work on this, as it's a bit rough! I'll share the lino-cuts one day soon too...

19 May 2016

Abstract bird

                               Just playing around with a bird and some abstract things...

16 May 2016


Just a quick leafy floral based on some recent doodles. Hope it's sunny where you are...

27 April 2016

Spot the cat!

The Make Art That Sells course has been quite full on but incredibly inspiring and so far I've enjoyed this assignment the most; designing a cover for Uppercase magazine and their Surface Pattern Design Guide. I'm not sure this was the right way to go, but I wanted to explore working with my random floral doodles and doing something a little more grown up than usual...I still had to add a little cat in there though!

22 April 2016

Lumberjack Ornaments!

...and why not!? These are my final designs for the Mats Bootcamp assignment, as part of the course I'm doing run by the agent, Lilla Rogers. It's a lot of fun and I'm mostly learning how to experiment a bit more.

20 April 2016

I'm a Lumberjack

I've signed up for the Make Art That Sells A and Bootcamp courses recently and it's so great! I'm trying out lots of new techniques and really enjoying the challenge, though I still have lots to do. The first assignment was lumberjacks as ornaments, so here's my little guy. I'll show more of the finished designs soon. It's been great to combine listening to a bit of Monty Python with sketching and designing...are you looking at my bra? I've had some Vic and Bob on too.

08 April 2016

Print and Pattern featured me - woo hoo!


              I can't believe that I got a feature on Print and Pattern blog this week. So exciting!

30 March 2016

Let's Dance

                   I've got a night out coming up soon and I can't wait to have a boogie!!

24 March 2016

Happy Easter!

I can't wait to go Easter egg hunting in the woods tomorrow with our little one! It just has to not rain too much :) eggsciting!! I couldn't help myself!!

22 March 2016


Hooray, at last, it feels like Spring has sprung. There's sunshine and blue skies here in Worthing, so let the Easter egg hunts begin!

09 March 2016


 Pack of 3 Foxy in Mittens Birthday Cardshttps://folksy.com/items/3604734--Pack-of-3-Foxy-in-Mittens-Birthday-Cards

Here's my little foxy with mittens card, which I designed ages ago now. I've decided to keep him in my updated Folksy shop, at least until I get some new ones on there. He's still foxy...

03 March 2016


I've got some new felt tip pens, so I've been messing about with them and doodling a bit...they're very nice!

14 February 2016

Love Monkey (with a pancake!)

                   Feeling the LOVE!! Hope you enjoy your day x x x

10 February 2016

Milly Bunny

Milly Bunny was one of a group of characters I designed for Tesco a couple of years ago. They were developed into quite a large range, including the two snow globes and the memory box below - bit blurry, I know. I love a snow globe!

07 February 2016

New Stuff on Society 6


I decided to use some of my recent designs on Society 6 and so far I like the cushions and totes best, what do you think?


05 February 2016


I'm trying to sketch more this year, so while watching the Good Wife last night I did a bit of doodling about. Not sure that I'll use them for anything specific, but it was fun - I definitely need to keep at it!

01 February 2016

Fruit is fun!

                      Loving a bit of fruity fun today...who doesn't like a smiley pineapple?!

28 January 2016

Hope it's Spring soon!

I'm trying these out as prints for my shop on Spoonflower - what do you think?

19 January 2016

Little Geometric Bird

 I set myself a range to work on today and came up with a soft geometric with a little bird. I spend a lot of time designing placements lately so it's great to get back to some allovers.

14 January 2016


I'm trying to feel the summer warmth, whilst playing with some tropical(ish) floral ideas. Wearing five layers of clothing and fingerless mittens to stay warm is definitely the way to go...brrrr!!

12 January 2016

Bear on a Trip

This little bear has gone for a wander in a cloudy, tropical garden, trying to work it all out. I'm listening to non-stop Bowie for inspiration and catharsis; probably trying to do the same. I can't believe how sad I am. Freak out, far out!