09 November 2018

I can't quite believe I've been the selected for the next Playtime Paris in January and I'm so excited / nervous! I can't wait to show everyone my new collection, so please come and find me if you're there too.

29 January 2018

01 December 2017


I'm going to try to do an advent calendar and I'm already cheating by using my Tesco designs to start off with, but there you go. Happy 1st December!

30 November 2017

Look out, Christmas is coming!

I worked on these Nutcracker designs for Tesco almost a year ago now, so it's good to see some in the stores, developed into many things.

18 October 2017

Trying to be graceful

This time I took the prompt for yesterday, Graceful, for my Inktober inspiration, still in Photoshop, so still cheating a bit, as not in actual ink, but the brushes are great to play with.

10 October 2017


I'm trying to learn more in Photoshop this month and get to know my new Kyle T Webster brushes, using Inktober as a motivation, so here's little Wolfy howling at the huge moon.

05 October 2017

Bit batty

It is, isn't it? I sort of missed the start, but thought I'd go a bit batty and join in every now and then! :)